Tuesday, March 11, 2014

"The Numberlys" Now Available for Pre-order!

The bots are excited to announce that The Numberlys picture book is now available for pre-order, delivered anywhere, including the moon! 
Once upon a time there was no alphabet, only numbers…
Life was…fine. Orderly. Dull as gray paint. Very…numberly. But our five jaunty heroes weren’t willing to accept that this was all there could be. They knew there had to be more.

So they broke out hard hats and welders, hammers and glue guns, and they started knocking some numbers together. Removing a piece here. Adding a piece there. At first, it was awful. But the five kept at it, and soon it was…artful! One letter after another emerged, until there were twenty-six. Twenty-six letters—and they were beautiful. All colorful, shiny, and new. Exactly what our heroes didn’t even know they were missing.

And when the letters entered the world, something truly wondrous began to happen…Pizza! Jelly beans! Color! Books!

Based on the award-winning app, this is William Joyce and Moonbot’s Metropolis-inspired homage to everyone who knows there is more to life than shades of black and gray.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Chipotle Scarecrow Receives Annie Award for Best Animated Special Production

Joe Bluhm, Lead Artist;  Kevin Koch, Animation Supervisor; William Joyce, Partner; Beavan Blocker, Animator; Brandon Oldenburg, Partner

The Annie Awards were held this past weekend in Los Angeles, California. The Annie Awards are awarded for accomplishments in animation. Moonbot took home the Best Animated Special Production award for their work on Chipotle's Scarecrow! The animated short follows the Scarecrow as he attempts to cultivate a better world by bringing fresh, unprocessed food to the citizens of Plenty.

This was one of three nominations for the studio including a nomiation for The Numberlys for Best Animated Short Subject and Diggs Nightcrawler for Best Animated Video Game.

There to accept the award were fellow bots Joe Bluhm, Kevin Koch, Beavan Blocker, Brandon Oldenburg and William Joyce. 

Congratulations to the Moonbot team for all of their hard work!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Introducing ART: Shreveport's 20 Foot Dalmatian!

Our Moonbot ringleaders William Joyce and Brandon Oldenburg have been hard at work creating a new sculpture for downtown Shreveport. The new piece, known as ART, is a 20 foot tall Dalmatian made of solid white fiberglass and was given to the Shreveport Regional Arts Council (SRAC) as a gift.

The sculpture will feature light up dots that can be purchased and placed on the Dalmatian, allowing community members to leave behind a legacy for family and friends. Each dot will light up when activated by the donor. For more information about ART’s spots, check out SRAC’s website.

Be on the lookout for ART—he’s headed to downtown Shreveport in early 2014!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Shreveport Holiday Book Signing With William Joyce!

Shreveport, join the moonbots and William Joyce for a festive book signing at Barnes and Noble, 6646 Youree Dr., on 12/8 at 1PM. It's a great time to get books such as The Mischievians, Morris Lessmore and the Guardians of Childhood books signed. Bring this flyer and mention our pals at Renzi Education and Art Center and a portion of the proceeds from your sale benefit their art education programs.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Moonbot Studios and William Joyce are honored to receive three nominations for the 41st annual Annie Awards, hosted by the International Animated Film Society, ASIFA-Hollywood. The Annie Awards are the highest honor given for excellence in animation and voted on by society members. Moonbot's nominations are for projects across several media: a viral video for Chipotle Mexican Grill, an animated short based on an app and a PlayStation Wonderbook game. These include:
  • Best Animated Special Production - Chipotle Scarecrow, a partnership with CAA Marketing and Chipotle Creative Department
  • Best Animated Short Subject - The Numberlys
  • Best Animated Video Game - Diggs Nightcrawler, a partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and Exient
In addition to studio honors, William Joyce was nominated along with Michael Knapp and Greg Couch for Production Design in an Animated Feature Production for their work on Blue Sky's Epic. The film is based on William Joyce's bestselling book, The Leafmen and the Brave Good Bugs.

"It's mind-blowing to be nominated for the best achievement in three entirely different categories, with three different projects. It's like having a shot at medaling in three Olympic sports. And we are in Shreveport, La, with a team of just 50 incredible people going toe-to-toe with the giants!" said William Joyce. Joyce has previously received two Annie Awards for his work on the television series Rolie Polie Olie. Past Annie Award winners include studios large and small such as Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, Laika and Psyop.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Support Movember and enter to win a William Joyce sketch!

For today's Sketch Tuesday, the bots have put together something special and 'stachey. This year, our Movember team has raised $5,000+ to support men's health initiatives on top of growing the raddest moutaches in the universe!

We're upping the ante this year. For every $20 you donate to Team Moonstache or your favorite bot, you'll be entered to win one of the following sketches from a moonbot, including William Joyce! Make a donation today! The raffle drawing happens 12/1.

Lazy Tiger, Kendra Phillips, CG Generalist (pen and pencil)

Spiderstache, Kendra Phillips, CG Generalist (gauche and colored pencil)

Walstache, Kendra Phillips, CG Generalist (gauche and colored pencil)

Robot Sketch, Logan Scelina, CG Generalist (digital print)

Stag, Bo Sayre, CTO (digital print)

Stag, Bo Sayre, CTO (digital print)

Unicorn in Disguise, Heather Shrewsbury, Developer (pencil)

William Joyce (pen and ink)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

New Mischievians Discoveries!

We've been overrun by discoveries of new Mischievians who are wrecking havoc across the globe! Here are a few that have been documented by an elite team of scientists from Hunters Creek Elementary in Houston, TX. Have you found a new Mischievian? Send your discoveries to us so we can share them here on our blog and bring peace and tranquility to the world.

Don't forget you can pick up Dr. Zooper's earliest discoveries in the latest Moonbot Book.

The Makeup Stealer, discovered by scientist Georgia and animator Lucas

The Eye Stealer, discovered by scientist Blake and animator Andrew

The Lipgloselr, who steals lip gloss, discovered by scientist Colette and animator Kevin

The Gum Dropper, discovered by scientist Attel and creative director Limbert.

The eater who eats everything, discovered by scientist Austin and lead artist Joe.