Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Chipotle Scarecrow Receives Annie Award for Best Animated Special Production

Joe Bluhm, Lead Artist;  Kevin Koch, Animation Supervisor; William Joyce, Partner; Beavan Blocker, Animator; Brandon Oldenburg, Partner

The Annie Awards were held this past weekend in Los Angeles, California. The Annie Awards are awarded for accomplishments in animation. Moonbot took home the Best Animated Special Production award for their work on Chipotle's Scarecrow! The animated short follows the Scarecrow as he attempts to cultivate a better world by bringing fresh, unprocessed food to the citizens of Plenty.

This was one of three nominations for the studio including a nomiation for The Numberlys for Best Animated Short Subject and Diggs Nightcrawler for Best Animated Video Game.

There to accept the award were fellow bots Joe Bluhm, Kevin Koch, Beavan Blocker, Brandon Oldenburg and William Joyce. 

Congratulations to the Moonbot team for all of their hard work!