Friday, April 19, 2013

Pre-Order William Joyce's Newest Books

Coming October 2013: The Mischievians

Strange smells. Disappearing remotes. That itch you just can’t reach. It’s not your fault! It’s the Mischievians, an ancient race of global mischief-makers who do all the things that embarrass you. All the things that bug you. All the things that YOU get blamed for!

There is no cause for alarm (sorta). Come meet the Homework Eater, the fiend who steals your homework! See the Endroller, the villain who uses up ALL the toilet paper! Discover the Yawn Mower, the creature who makes you yawn at the worst possible time! And many, many more. Read on, and be free.

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Coming October 2013: The Sandman and the War of Dreams

In their fourth chapter book adventure, the Guardians of Childhood recruit Sanderson ManSnoozy, the sleepy legend also known as the Sandman, to their cause.

When the Man in the Moon brought together the Guardians, he warned them that they would face some terrible evils as they strove to protect the children of earth. But nothing could have prepared them for this: Pitch has disappeared and taken Katherine with him. And now the Guardians are not only down one member, but a young girl is missing.

Fortunately, MiM knows just the man to join the team. Sanderson ManSnoozy—known in most circles as the Sandman—may be sleepy, but he’s also stalwart and clever and has a precocious ability to utilize sand in myriad ways. If the other Guardians can just convince Sandy that good can triumph evil, that good dreams can banish nightmares, they’ll have themselves quite a squad. But if they can’t…they might never see Katherine again.

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Monday, April 15, 2013

2013 Christopher Award for Morris Lessmore

William Joyce is honored to receive a Christopher Award for The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore in the "Books for Young People" category. Since 1949, the Christopher Awards have annually saluted media (TV programming, feature films, books for adults and children) that “affirm the highest values of the human spirit.” 

Tony Rossi, The Christophers’ Director of Communications, says, “The creative forces behind the projects we’re honoring are improving our culture by telling stories that awaken hope instead of despair, acknowledge the necessity of sacrifice in the service of a greater good, and light a candle rather than curse the darkness.”

It's an honor for our team to share Mr. Morris Lessmore's story and to share the life-changing and enduring power of stories with the the world. William Joyce previously received a Christopher Award for his illustrations in Humphrey's Bear in 1987.

Find out more about the Christopher Awards and other winners on their website.